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Only thinking about me
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Below are the 15 most recent journal entries recorded in Self Absorbed CUNT's LiveJournal:

Thursday, January 10th, 2002
7:50 pm
"Love, like energy, cannot be destroyed. Wherever love has found its way into dimensional expression, it leaves emotional alterations in the texture of the universe, traces like multicolored etchings in the ethers. Wherever two people have loves, wherever a human community has shared in the expression of love, whether it was yesterday, or ten thousand years ago, that love is still present, it can still be expressed." -- Ken Carey
Friday, December 7th, 2001
9:51 pm
"It said: 'See what monkeys we are! Look, such is man!' and at once all renown, all intelligence, all the attainments of the spirit, all profress towards the sublime, the great and the enduring in man fell away and became a monkey's trick"

-- steppenwolf, by herman hesse

for those of you who either haven't every looked at my webpage or have only known me a short time, you probably don't realize that I collect quotes. I have a binder filled with quotes that inspire me. I haven't been as avid about collecting them since I haven't been reading as much in the past 3 years or so -- but always feel free to share a favorite with me.


Current Mood: blah
10:30 am
Play with me
If you could only have 3 cds in your player for the rest of your life and you couldn't use ones that you MADE, which 3 would you choose?

I think mine would be: Bjork - debut; Some collection of Classical (vivaldi or Beethoven); hrm...the last would probably be Led Zepplin IV or Pink Floyd DSOTM

Current Mood: silly
Monday, December 3rd, 2001
10:32 pm
Lunar Musings
Wow...Luna went off SO much better than I thought it would. I am glad that I do that actually...it prevents me from being disappointed. I was starting to get kind of riled up today over it -- mostly because an aquaintence of mine was absolutely dizzy with paranoia about it. I can easily give into the paranoia vibe if I let myself, but I really don't usually think that way. It was an expression of love through song and acting and while I don't know if luna was really invoked or not -- who fucking cares? It went off well and if people weren't satisfied with the results, they can invoke it themselves to finish the cycle if it's so necessary.

I got so many compliments on my singing -- most of them "Oh my god, I had NO idea you could sing!" or "Will you be in my band?" -- heh I'm proud any happy -- my leo ego got scritched just the way it needed to!

La Luna
how you spin me
you made me cry
when i was young
and i was young


Current Mood: enthralled
Wednesday, November 21st, 2001
2:11 pm
Playas not Hatas
It is my opinion that you can't say you hate something unless you try it.
Sunday, November 11th, 2001
10:40 am
Burritos 101
http://w3.avatartech.com/burrito/#analysis (a burrito test -- get a fortune from the style of burrito you like)

http://www.littleburro.com/ (a book about the "little burro" and how it became a food item loved by all!)

John Roemer's frequently-cited San Francisco Weekly article "Cylindrical God" examines the burrito... http://www.sexuality.org/l/sex/burrito.html

"Clearly, these hordes flocking to the Mission (San Francisco) are looking for more than just cheap eats. The cylindrical god emerged onto the mainstram menu out of a Chicano culture that has wrapped desire for assimilation around a deep sense of exile. Carried north by 19th-century miners from the Mexican state of Sonora, the burrito has logically found its spiritual capital here in a city of outcasts and outsiders. The little burro that can bear any burden, long ignored by orthodox theology, has at last found its apotheosis....Corn tortillas enlarged to such a size would have cracked and crumbled, which is why you scarcely find burritos in Mexico....The gigantic flour tortilla proved ideal as a leakproof wrapper-- a veritable suitcase-- for hungry Sonoran miners to carry their rice and beans to the mineral finds in the Southern California desert, then north with the rest of the '49ers. From the dross of cornless cookery, the burrito emerged like a nugget of gold...The first retail burrito in San Francisco, it can be stated with some confidence, was made and sold on September 26, 1961, exactly one day after Ontiveros and his wife opened a corner grocery store at 2399 Folsom Street. Today his original El Faro-- "the lighthouse"-- beacons across a burrito empire with outposts as far off as Concord and Belmont and a new million-dollar taqueria near Moscone Center"

Bet ya didn't know that :)

My burrito fortune:
Your Burrito
Your Order:
Price = $4.24

Your Burrito and You
Your pairing of a meat-free burrito and all those fatty toppings indicates a dangerous ability to live with illusions.
Your wide-ranging selection of toppings demonstrates an admirable familiarity with Burrito culture.

Current Mood: pleased
Thursday, November 8th, 2001
11:41 am
Chocolate heaven
Someone just brought boxes of chocolate up to the office. Oh I have such a chocolate buzz kicking right now...it is nearly orgasmic. I don't know if I could ever give chocolate up. No wonder it was so worshipped in south american cultures!

Current Mood: jubilant
Monday, November 5th, 2001
9:00 pm
Do the Hokey Pokey
#24:C0) =j says, "what if the hokey-pokey IS what it is all about?"

#32:C0) Faery says, "it is"

#50:C0) Rog says, "thats always bothered me , i mean, which is the hokey pokey,
the whole dance or just the prt where you turn yourself about? HOW can you
"do the hokey pokey" when youre already DOING it!? Its a recursive dance!?
HOW am I supposed to DEAL with this?"

#8:C0) cm says, "doing the hokey pokey and turning yourself about, that's what
it's all about"

#32:C0) Faery says, "hrm...what is the origin of that song?"

#33:C0) Static says, "I always thought the hokey pokey part was putting your
arms up and shaking them"

#24:C0) =j says, "i dont know how i feel about this /hokey/ pokey. if im going
to have pokey, i want the real thing"

#24:C0) =j says, "do the genuine pokey and turn yourself about."

#32:C0) Faery says, "lol! adam and eve developed the hokey pokey

from the site: "Well, they had so much fun they started adding more verses-- the left foot, the right arm, the head, the elbows, etc. Eventually by process of elimination they came to the naughty parts. When Adam began putting his clamdigger in and out and moving it all about he and Eve suddenly realized they had tumbled onto something a lot more interesting than ballroom dancing. Eventually the animals began imitating them, and the next time God walked through the garden in the cool of the evening it looked liked a cross between Wild Kingdom and a Viagra commercial. Needless to say he was divinely annoyed and kicked everyone out of Eden so he could start over again"

Current Mood: giddy
Thursday, November 1st, 2001
7:40 pm
Under the Milky Way Tonight
I am irritated by the state of the world right now. I can't believe that people want to hurt civilians and destroy american landmarks. I can't believe we are at war. I am hurt. I am saddened. I just want everything to be better.

And to think we were all scared of Y2K. This really is sad.

The sky is beautiful. The weather is beautiful. I'm feeling better. Yet, it all seems so false.

I just found out that M is heading out on a little personal journey. I had always hoped the two of us would have an adventure together...but i dunno, he seems determined to do things all alone. I wish him the best.

Current Mood: distressed
Wednesday, October 31st, 2001
6:23 pm
Bits from a post sent to a mailing list today
My whole childhood, my parents thought Halloween was a terrible holiday and
would not even let me dress up. I so wanted to dress up like the other kids
got to do (although my mom did have a plethora of dress-up clothes for us
for any other day of the year). So my big thing now that i'm not under my
parent's thumb is to get dressed up. I love to costume on Haloween.

This year I am doing a ritual that will last from now until December to
release the pain i still have from the 2 deaths I experienced in my life
last December (my cousin and a man i was dating...2 weeks apart...both 26
years old) & also the death of my marriage. I feel today is an appropriate
time as ever to do this.

I also like to clean house and get rid of things i've been hording, move
sweaters to the front of the closet, store up my food for winter *wink*

Current Mood: energetic
9:20 am
It's halloween! I should be happier, but I accidentally watched the news last night...how depressing. I just want everything to be okay. I'm trying to focus on good things. Good things. Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.
Sunday, October 28th, 2001
9:51 pm
Dream a little dream of me
Currently Reading:
Fountainhead - Ayn Rand (7th time to read)
20th Century Erotica - various writers
Cosmic Tarot - ?

God...that's it actually. What a pathetic selection. No wonder i am feeling a little under-read and uneducated at this moment. I think a trip to the library is necessary tomorrow. I love the smell of books. I could literally spend all day long in the library and not even think twice about it.

I'm going to start posting more interesting things...i promise. I just like the mundane value of my journal right now. I can easily post every stupid detail of my day. How exciting!

Oh and I'm ready to have a VACATION! Anyone have any ideas? I have little money and a small fear of flying....

Current Mood: bitchy
9:29 pm
Miss Piggy
Tonight I went to a friends house and he made some of the best pork ribs I have ever eaten! Now, I am not usually a big carnivore, but I made an exception this evening....mmm..juicy, falling off the bone meat -- yum!
Wednesday, September 5th, 2001
9:26 pm
Just thoughts
watching return of the jedi for the 100th time. eating quesadillas...and ben & jerrys icecream.

Current Mood: sleepy
11:45 am
One is the lonliest number
But here it is -- the first entry on my live journal account!
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