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Only thinking about me

Self Absorbed CUNT
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23, agnostic, alta, androgeny, ani di franco, anias nin, aromatherapy, arts, astrology, austin, autumn, ayn rand, baths, belly, benefit makeup, bill hicks, bisexual, bjork, boards of canada, boys, brie, burning man, chakras, charlottesometimes.com, chicago, chix, christina ricci, cocteau twins, concerts, crafting, crisp apple strudels, crochet, crocheting, dancing, dandy warhols, decorating, decoupage, delirium, digweed, dogs, donna clancy-goertz, drew barrymore, ebay, edvard munch, ee cummings, electronica, emo, exercise, faeries, fashion, fashion design, fetish, fire spinning, fnord, food, food network, foreign films, freedom, getcrafty.com, glitter, goth culture, gourmet, hair color, hammocks, heinlein, herbal tea, herbs, hip-hop, houston, incense, jack black, jack white, jewboys, jewelery, johnny depp, kitties, latex, le tigre, leo, lewis caroll, love, lucky charms, magick, makeup artist, making out, masturbating, mazzy star, meil, modeling, monkeys, music, my belly, nail polish, neil gamain, non-scary movies, objectivism, pagan, painting, paul frank, peaches, photos, piercing, poetry, polyamory, portishead, puppies, purple, pussy, raindrops, rare steak, rats, reading, real world, reiki, religious study, s&m, salvidor dali, schnitzel with noodles, sex, sex toys, shimer college, shopping, sigur ros, sluts, smoothies, sound of music, sushi, tarot, tattoos, tenacious d, texas, thai food, the el, the osbournes, the strokes, thelema, titties, tori amos, trading spaces, trance, trip-hop, violin, warm socks, white stripes, wigs, womens rights, working out, yoga