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Bits from a post sent to a mailing list today

My whole childhood, my parents thought Halloween was a terrible holiday and
would not even let me dress up. I so wanted to dress up like the other kids
got to do (although my mom did have a plethora of dress-up clothes for us
for any other day of the year). So my big thing now that i'm not under my
parent's thumb is to get dressed up. I love to costume on Haloween.

This year I am doing a ritual that will last from now until December to
release the pain i still have from the 2 deaths I experienced in my life
last December (my cousin and a man i was dating...2 weeks apart...both 26
years old) & also the death of my marriage. I feel today is an appropriate
time as ever to do this.

I also like to clean house and get rid of things i've been hording, move
sweaters to the front of the closet, store up my food for winter *wink*
Tags: dating, death, halloween
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