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Lunar Musings

Wow...Luna went off SO much better than I thought it would. I am glad that I do that prevents me from being disappointed. I was starting to get kind of riled up today over it -- mostly because an aquaintence of mine was absolutely dizzy with paranoia about it. I can easily give into the paranoia vibe if I let myself, but I really don't usually think that way. It was an expression of love through song and acting and while I don't know if luna was really invoked or not -- who fucking cares? It went off well and if people weren't satisfied with the results, they can invoke it themselves to finish the cycle if it's so necessary.

I got so many compliments on my singing -- most of them "Oh my god, I had NO idea you could sing!" or "Will you be in my band?" -- heh I'm proud any happy -- my leo ego got scritched just the way it needed to!

La Luna
how you spin me
you made me cry
when i was young
and i was young

Tags: oto, performance
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