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Burritos 101 (a burrito test -- get a fortune from the style of burrito you like) (a book about the "little burro" and how it became a food item loved by all!)

John Roemer's frequently-cited San Francisco Weekly article "Cylindrical God" examines the burrito...

"Clearly, these hordes flocking to the Mission (San Francisco) are looking for more than just cheap eats. The cylindrical god emerged onto the mainstram menu out of a Chicano culture that has wrapped desire for assimilation around a deep sense of exile. Carried north by 19th-century miners from the Mexican state of Sonora, the burrito has logically found its spiritual capital here in a city of outcasts and outsiders. The little burro that can bear any burden, long ignored by orthodox theology, has at last found its apotheosis....Corn tortillas enlarged to such a size would have cracked and crumbled, which is why you scarcely find burritos in Mexico....The gigantic flour tortilla proved ideal as a leakproof wrapper-- a veritable suitcase-- for hungry Sonoran miners to carry their rice and beans to the mineral finds in the Southern California desert, then north with the rest of the '49ers. From the dross of cornless cookery, the burrito emerged like a nugget of gold...The first retail burrito in San Francisco, it can be stated with some confidence, was made and sold on September 26, 1961, exactly one day after Ontiveros and his wife opened a corner grocery store at 2399 Folsom Street. Today his original El Faro-- "the lighthouse"-- beacons across a burrito empire with outposts as far off as Concord and Belmont and a new million-dollar taqueria near Moscone Center"

Bet ya didn't know that :)

My burrito fortune:
Your Burrito
Your Order:
Price = $4.24

Your Burrito and You
Your pairing of a meat-free burrito and all those fatty toppings indicates a dangerous ability to live with illusions.
Your wide-ranging selection of toppings demonstrates an admirable familiarity with Burrito culture.
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