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Do the Hokey Pokey

#24:C0) =j says, "what if the hokey-pokey IS what it is all about?"

#32:C0) Faery says, "it is"

#50:C0) Rog says, "thats always bothered me , i mean, which is the hokey pokey,
the whole dance or just the prt where you turn yourself about? HOW can you
"do the hokey pokey" when youre already DOING it!? Its a recursive dance!?
HOW am I supposed to DEAL with this?"

#8:C0) cm says, "doing the hokey pokey and turning yourself about, that's what
it's all about"

#32:C0) Faery says, "hrm...what is the origin of that song?"

#33:C0) Static says, "I always thought the hokey pokey part was putting your
arms up and shaking them"

#24:C0) =j says, "i dont know how i feel about this /hokey/ pokey. if im going
to have pokey, i want the real thing"

#24:C0) =j says, "do the genuine pokey and turn yourself about."

#32:C0) Faery says, "lol! adam and eve developed the hokey pokey"

from the site: "Well, they had so much fun they started adding more verses-- the left foot, the right arm, the head, the elbows, etc. Eventually by process of elimination they came to the naughty parts. When Adam began putting his clamdigger in and out and moving it all about he and Eve suddenly realized they had tumbled onto something a lot more interesting than ballroom dancing. Eventually the animals began imitating them, and the next time God walked through the garden in the cool of the evening it looked liked a cross between Wild Kingdom and a Viagra commercial. Needless to say he was divinely annoyed and kicked everyone out of Eden so he could start over again"
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